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I am a Baltimore-raised kid who grew up in the private school system, but never truly fit in with the norm. I was that kid who got bad grades, misbehaved, always looked for different answers to questions, and would go against everything that was taught to me by society and the schooling system, but only recently did I discover why.

See, I was a kid who was always seeking a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment than society was offering me. Beyond high school, the presumption is that college is the next step, and beyond that, a 9-5 desk job before settling down and living a life of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. While I was in school, everyone “knew” what they wanted to do from such a young age, without finding what they genuinely loved or enjoyed. I remembered being the only kid who didn’t know what he wanted to do and didn’t like the perceived path that was inevitable for my future.

With a burning desire for more than what school could offer, I decided to drop out and find what I enjoy. I tried many different things before falling in love with martial arts, teaching kids, helping others, and loving myself. I now have a sense of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment in my life that I want to share with the world. I want to show people that what schools, friends, and society say you should do in life, doesn’t have to be what YOU want. Do what you love, be who you are, find what makes you POWERFUL-filled, and share that power with the world!

Being Powerful


Powerful One was created on the notion of dividing yourself to find yourself. With the idea of dividing from conformity and societal expectations to create your own path in life.

Being a Powerful One means using your unique mission and purpose in life to make a difference in the world by positively influencing others.

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My vision for Powerful One is to show people that they have the ability to…

  • Be Who They Want To Be
  • Do What They Want To Do
  • And to use their unique mission and purpose to be Powerful.

Meaning Behind the Logo

The logo enforces the idea of dividing yourself from the “norm” of society’s expectations and carving your own path. The circle emphasizes the ability to find that ONE individual path/vision and bring it back into society to inspire positive change.

Powerful One Logo
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What It Means To Be a Powerful One

Becoming a Powerful One is all about finding that ONE thing that makes you feel unique, happy, fulfilled, and POWERFUL.

  • Be Powerful in what you believe.
  • Be Powerful in who you are.
  • Be Powerful in the ONE being you want to be and do something that makes you feel POWERFUL.


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